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It's time to heal yourself and your loved ones !
Whether you are stressed at work or in a stressful relationship. Depressed, sad, angry, tired, exhausted or fatigued.
Humeira can help you heal and guide you towards success, happiness and inner peace.
From Migraines, Back Pains, Heart Pains to getting over an ex, addiction and loneliness. Feeling weak, crying or unable 
to find a way out. Heal yourself and live your life starting from just one healing with Humeira.
No medication, no oils, no talk... only healings. Call for a cosultation now.

Book an appointment on 00971-50-7282879. Life is all about improvements and I'd be happy to know your thoughts, feedback and any suggestions you may want to share.

Alternatively you can share your experience of a reading to help others who are looking for solutions.

Love and light,



We've all heard about waking up at the wrong side of the bed...ever heard of waking up at the right side of the bed? It's a privelege for those poor souls who do not get to experience good days as often as they would wish to. Today i take the liberty to write freely and not edit my...


18/09/2013 02:54
You can choose to be happy or sad...you can choose to alter your behaviour and feelings..you can choose to be in control, you can choose to take control, drive or be driven. You can choose to control your emotions or not, you can choose to say something or keep it within, you can choose to forgive...
If you want to break the pattern and rule the situation rather than the situation ruling you - then what are you waiting for? - no one can stop you but you. So the week comes to an end...and the theme of this week throughout most of my sessions have been 'you can bring the horse to the...

What a wonderfull day!

12/09/2013 20:48
I feel so blessed today.Waking up with a smile and counting your blessings. Knowing that someone out there feels the difference due to a session with me is the most rewarding experience. I received some great news regarding one of the readers who had approached my a few months ago wondering...

First blog

11/09/2013 22:54
Hi there, Well this is my first attempt at writing a blog...I decided to write my first blog upon the request of my friends and family today. It feels great to have launched my very own website and I hope to make a difference in many more lives of those around me. Will write soon again :). Love and...
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